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Commercial Plumbing

Over the last 50 years Goldman Plumbing has worked hard to establish ourselves as a market leader in commercial and industrial hydraulic and mechanical construction and maintenance. Our proven dedication in providing the industry’s most skilled workmanship, high quality performance and competitive pricing to our commercial clients is unequalled.

Goldman Plumbing Services has emerged as an innovator and leader in the commercial construction and maintenance field since our establishment in 1964. Goldman Plumbing has offered clients construction and maintenance programs that ultimately reduce cost and demands, while maintaining stringent quality measures.

We specialize in Health & Aged Care Facilities, Strata Properties, the Hotel Industry, Office Buildings, Schools, Churches, Restaurants, Service Stations, Retail Food Outlets, Real Estate property management and contract maintenance.

Goldman Plumbing understands the importance of urgent attention to the plumbing problems that our commercial customers might encounter. We also understand the impact that delays can have on their business, delays can be disruptive and often costly which is why we aim to have the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Since 1964 Goldman Plumbing has worked to become a leader in providing cost effective contract maintenance services to our commercial clients. Our continuous contracts with multiple Health & Aged Care market leaders are an indication of our value in the commercial sector. Our experience with contract maintenance has given us the expertise to help reduce your annual cost without sacrificing safety or quality.

In market sectors where competition is driven primarily by cost, facility and plant maintenance is an essential service. Contract maintenance is the most cost-effective and reliable approach to ensuring a plant’s operation. Our highly experienced workforce, consisting of extensively trained and experienced tradesmen, assures excellence, quality control and accountability. Whether your needs revolve around full time or periodic contract maintenance, Goldman can be your single source provider for plant contract maintenance requirements.

Some of our Commercial Services offered;

  • Hot/warm water system design, installation and commissioning
  • Preventative and Regular maintenance contracts for: drain clearing, roof and gutter cleaning, storm water/sump servicing, pump maintenance, hot/ warm water system maintenance, thermostatic mixing valves, backflow prevention valves
  • Thermostatic mixing valve and backflow prevention valve design, installation and commissioning
  • Construction projects for Nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, retail food outlets
  • Emergency repairs and maintenance
  • Grease arrestors