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Our Team

Commitment to Excellence: Our Team is driven by a shared commitment to delivering unparalleled quality in every project. With a minimum of ten years service for most team member, our staff has cultivated a culture of excellence that is displayed in every aspect of our work.

Long Term Relationships: Building lasting relationships with our clients is at the core of our ethics. Our staff dedication and expertise contribute not just to individual projects but to the partnerships we forge with our clients.

Team Cohesion: Our Team operates as a cohesive unit, with each member playing a crucial role in our collective success. The synergy within our staff is a testament to our shared vision and drive to succeed.

Meet Our Management Team:

Mark Barlow (Managing Director): Taking the helm in 1991, Mark’s Leadership and extensive knowledge sets the tone for Goldman Plumbing’s continues growth and success.

Luke Gratland (General Manager): Starting as an apprentice plumber in 1994 Luke plays a pivotal role in managing and maintaining the continued success of our operations.

Lauren Keeping (operations Manager): Joining the team in 2001, Lauren ensures operational excellence, laying the foundation for seamless project execution.

Aaron Sealy (Senior Technical Service Manager): Since 2014, Aaron has been instrumental in bringing technical prowess to our service delivery.

Kane Hopkins (Senior Project Manager): Joining the team in 2009, Kane offers a wealth of knowledge with strong project managing skills, ensuring successful project outcomes.

Michael Bulloch (Senior Project Manager): Joining the team in 2023, Michael’s skill and experience are valued assets to our team. Michael has successfully managed numerous projects.

Daniel Hall (Area Manager): Daniel successfully manages our teams in Victoria and South Australia, Daniel project manages, coordinates all logistics and delivers results across two states.

Greg Berry (Business development): Joining the company in 2014 as a Client/Project manager, Greg has begun a new role in the company as Business Development Manager.

Craig Marshal (Site Supervisor): Joining the team in 1998, Craig’s on site expertise guarantees flawless project execution.

Alexis Mallard (Administration Manager): Since 2018, Alexis efficiently manages our administrative functions, ensuring seamless operations.

Sinan Ercan (Head of Engineering): Joining in 2012, Sinan leads our engineering efforts with a perfect blend of expertise and innovation.

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