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Sydney Metro Tunnel Compressed Air

NSW Infrastructure, Sydney Metro City & South West Tunnel

Contracting to Systems Connect Linewide (A joint venture of CPB Contractors and UGL Engineering) on behalf of NSW Infrastructure.

Goldman Plumbing successfully completed the installation of 17 individual compressed air systems required for the tunnels ventilation system throughout the Sydney Metro-City & Southwest Line Project.

The systems were located within 17 separate plant rooms throughout the tunnel network. Each system consisted of two compressors, two air receivers and a selection of pneumatic control panels.

Each system serviced separate zones of the tunnel’s ventilation system by operating the damper actuators, controlling the tunnel’s air flow.

Completed in November 2023 this project required the installation of over 50,000 metres of stainless steel compressed air pipework.

Throughout the project, Goldman Plumbing was able to boost productivity to meet Sydney Metro’s acceleration targets as required.

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