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Bankstown Hospital

Bankstown Hospital Domestic Hot Water and Steam Generation Plant

Goldman Plumbing was contracted by NSW Health for the replacement of domestic hot water and steam generation systems at Bankstown Hospital.

Goldman Plumbing designed, supplied, installed and commissioned both systems.

The steam generation part of the project, saw the team remove the outdated electric steam boilers and upgraded to 2 new 500kW vertical steam boilers. This required the expansion of the steam boiler plant room. Goldman Plumbing extended and fireproofed this room as required to meet relevant building codes.

The existing hot water Hunt TNAR horizontal fire tube burners were removed and replaced with 2 x Aleabrax DVX280 hot water generators.

The Theatre potable hot water supply was replaced with 2 x Aleabrax DVX140 hot water generators.

The Mortuary non potable hot water was replaced with 2 x Therman 32 instantaneous hot water heaters coupled with 2 x Therman 315CO storage tanks.

The logistics of material handling included crane lifts over occupied areas of the Hospital. Crane lifts took place during the night to minimise disruptions, with careful consideration given to staff and patient relocation beneath the lift paths.

This project highlighted Goldman Plumbing’s expertise in managing complete system replacements, incorporating modern technology while ensuring smooth logistics to minimise any impact on the Hospitals daily operations.

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