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Westmead Hospital Hot Water Upgrade

Goldman Plumbing was contracted to NSW Health for the upgrade of the potable and non-potable hot water generation plants at Westhead Hospital, Sydney.

Designed by Goldman Plumbing’s in house Engineers and installed and commissioned by Goldman Plumbing’s Technicians, this project is another example of Goldman Plumbing delivering turnkey projects from conception to commissioning.

A challenging aspect of this large scale project was the segmental removal of the existing system from the Level 6 roof top plant room in order to clear space for the new systems installation, whilst maintaining hot water services throughout the complex.

Goldman Plumbing’s Engineers designed the layout of the new system to best integrate with the removal of the existing system. Calculations were undertaken to determine the residual within the existing system. This also removed from service to allow space for the phased installation of the new system. Multiple crane lifts were required for the removal of the existing system as well as the placement of the new.

The systems consists of:

  • 2 x Arizona 1200kW natural gas hot water generators
  • 10 x Aleabrax GFX 180
  • 1 x 1000L fully insulated Buffer Tank

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