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Macley Valley House

Macleay Valley House Hot Water Plant Upgrade

Goldman Plumbing designed and installed a new hot and warm water system to the Thompson Care, Macleay Valley House facility.

During the design process our engineering team identified that the hardness of the incoming water supply had contributed towards multiple boiler failures throughout the existing systems life. This is due to the high levels of calcium within the hard water, reacting with the stainless steel heat exchangers within the boilers.

The team changed the entire design of the heating water systems so that no untreated hard water would come in contact with the new boilers heat exchangers.

The new design included 3 x Aleabrax storage heat exchangers, with 2 x Aleabrax 100KW condensing boilers. 1 x boiler serving the hot water heat exchanger with the other serving the 2 x warm water heat exchangers. This system created a more reliable system as the boilers were now only exposed to the treated jacket water of the heat exchangers.

The now redundant Thermostatic Mixing Valves that made up the previous warm water system were removed, increasing the facilities reliability, while providing annual service savings.
Another example of Goldman Plumbing’s ability the think outside the box and deliver projects that are in our customers best long term interest.

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